Kohler is a well known brand that has a very large collection of models and colors. They feature everything from faucets to fixtures and anything in between. The prices are middle to high middle.

American Standard

American Standard is a well known brand that has a large collection of models and colors. They feature everything from faucets to fixtures . The prices are middle to high middle. A little less costly than Kohler but Kohler has more to choose from!


Delta is an inexpensive faucet manufacturer. Good for that second bath or the rental unit. Quality is decent.


Franke is a French manufacturer that primarily makes sinks and faucets but they have a small line of other products like instant hots and filtration systems. Nice stuff but a little pricey


Chicago is a faucet manufacturer only. Very heavy brass construction but not very technicaly advanced. I think their products are overpriced.


I haven't installed a lot of Danze products so...

Dorn Bracht

Dorn Bracht is a high end German faucet manufacturer. Their products are very well made with incredible finishes. They are very expensive!


Elkay is a stainless sink manufacturer. They have high quality products with a price to match.


Geberit is a German company They manufacture a limited number of plumbing products. Wall hung toilets, waste and overflows etc... On the whole nice products and priced right.


Grohe is one of the best valve manufacturers out there. Their products are well made with fine finishes and the price is right. If they have a model you like, you can be confident your getting a quality product for the best price!


Jacuzzi... the famous spa manufacturers. Not much to say . They have a nice selection of jetted tubs; some with integral tub fillers. Priced competetively. If you like go for it.


Jado is a faucet manufacturer that I have mixed feelings on. They have some aestheticly pleasing products with fair pricing, but the lead time to order and waranty service is less than exemplary!


Phylrich is a middle of the road faucet manufacturer with some (to me at least) outdated designs. That said you like what you like.


Moen is a competitively priced faucet manufacturer. Their products have decent finishes and are solid mechanically. They also have some interesting designs. Good choice for 2nd bath or rental.


Porcher is another French manufacturer. The quality is good and some love the styling and others not. This is a medium to high end product.

Price Pfister

Price Pfister is another competitive faucet company. I really like some of their styling and the quality is decent. Easy to get


Toto is a Japanese fixture manufacturer. Good quality, nice styling and solid mechanicaly. All around good product at a fair price.

Newport Brass

Newport Brass is Kevin the supply house managers favorite line. He ought to know!

California Faucets

California Faucets is another of Kevin the supply house managers favorites. What can I say; The guys an expert!

St Thomas Creations

St Thomas Creations is a manufacturer I am not real familiar with but looking at their catalog they seem to have mainly a Victorian look to their line with a few exceptions.


Gerber is a brand I am not familiar with. From their catalog they look to have fairly contemporary styling.


Hansgrohe is a faucet manufacturer that makes a well constructed product. I don't care for their styling much but you may. The prices are mid high.


Blanco is a sink and faucet manufacturer from Germany. They focus on stainless but also use composite materials in their products. Nice stuf but a little expensive.


Pegasus is a brand I know nothing about. Sorry...


KWC is an interesting brand. They specialize in kitchen sink faucets. A few years back it was a very popular make for high end homes. For whatever reason you don't see it a lot now.


Floorestone makes mainly fiberglass laundry sinks, shower pans and tubs. Their prices are competetive and the quality is fair.

Belle Foret

Belle Foret. Looks nice but I know nothing about them. If Kevin would get busy maybe I would have some up to date information!

Bates and Bates

Bates and Bates... another one that I have no info on... come on Kevin...


Rohl is a popular brand with interior designers. Well made products with a little flair to their design.

Btass Elegans

Don't know Brass Elegans... waiting on Kevin

Herbeau Creations

Don't know Herbeau Creations... waiting on Kevin


Sterling is now owned by Kohler. They manufacture fixtures as well as faucets. Think of them as Kohler lite


Don't know Kindred... waiting on Kevin


Don't know Latoscana... waiting on Kevin


Don't know DreamLine... waiting on Kevin

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